Color Guide to Steelhead Drift Fishing by Bill Herzog

Color Guide to Steelhead Drift Fishing by Bill Herzog

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ISBN: 9781571884619

Author: Bill Herzog

Number Of Pages: 80


Details: Each year nearly 1,000,000 steelhead are hooked in North America and the great majority of these fish are hooked using drift fishing techniques. This lavishly illustrated, all-color guide is the "bible" if you want to get in on the action. Written by one of America's greatest drift fishermen, you will learn the techniques that can guarantee your entry into the 10% of the anglers who hook 90% of the steelhead. This is a heavy-duty graduate course! About the Author Bill Herzog has been fishing for steelhead in the Puget Sound region since he was twelve years old. Drift fishing has become a favorite method of Bill's over the years, and he managed to miss a few days here and there from school in Tacoma while practicing this technique. He has fished Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound and British Columbia streams for three decades and Oregon streams as well. Bill spends approximately 150 days a year on steelhead rivers with a camera and drift/spoon fishing outfit.

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