Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia by Art Lingren

Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia by Art Lingren

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ISBN: 9781571883759

Author: Lingren, Art

Number Of Pages: 101

Details:  British Columbia's fly-tying heritage is rich, however it has become richer over the past 20 years because of the many good contemporary tiers, some of whom contributed to this book. The flies herein, and the ingenious thinking that has gone into these creations, are evidence of this inventive fly-tying talent. 

To have been included, each fly must: have a proven track record; recognize the originator(s); not be flavor of the month; be commercially available; an innovative pattern favored by a guide or knowledgeable and experienced fly-fisher; must display some originality; prefer B.C.-oriented flies; be a tribute to the art and craft of fly-tying. 

Check out the hundreds of fly patterns...for a host of British Columbia game fish, such as: sea-run cutthroat; freshwater salmon; river rainbow trout, cutts, and char; interior stillwater trout; steelhead;' saltwater salmon; and more...for many fly-fishing techniques.