Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters by Art Lingren

Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters by Art Lingren

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ISBN: 9781571882264

Author: Lingren, Art

Number Of Pages: 143


Details: Looking over the past 150 years, Art Lingren explores the origins of fly-fishing in British Columbia. He covers both the special waters where fly-fishing developed and the legendary fishermen who laid the foundation for the fly-fishers to come. Many of these fishermen were the first in all of North America to experiment with the flies and techniques of Great Britain. Lingren discusses such fabled waters as the Campbell River, the Dean, Bella Coola, and Skagit rivers, and of course the famous Thompson. A description of each water is given, including: its history, effective techniques and flies, species information, excerpts from historical references, local anglers and their experiences, and more.For many anglers, exploring the history of fly-fishing is as important a part of their life as actually getting out on the water. This book is for those fly-fishers with a love for the history of fly-fishing in North America.

Recently retired, Art Lingren has lived all his life in Vancouver and spent 37 years of his professional life supplying water and collecting and treating wastewater for the lower mainland's member municipalities. However, in his life away from work and through most of his adult life, Art has had an ever-lasting love affair with fishing steelhead and other British Columbia game fish. He has authored Fly Patterns of Roderick Haig-Brown, Thompson River Journal, Fly Patterns of British Columbia, Irresistible Waters, Steelhead River Journal: Dean. In recognition of those literary endeavors, in 1999 the Federation of Fly Fishers awarded Art with the prestigious Roderick Haig-Brown Award.

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