Fly Patterns of British Columbia by Arthur James Lingren

Fly Patterns of British Columbia by Arthur James Lingren

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ISBN: 9781571884411

Author: Lingren, Arthur James

Number Of Pages: 103

Fly-fishing pioneers Tommy Brayshaw, Bill Nation, General Noel Money, and of course Roderick Haig-Brown have all contributed to the amazingly rich heritage of British Columbia fly-fishing.

On the anniversary of Haig-Brown’s birth, Frank Amato Publications is proud to announce the publication of Fly Patterns of British Columbia: The Roderick Haig-Brown Centenary Edition by noted fly-fishing historian Art Lingren. Our re-release of this popular book includes new fly photography, plus an extensive new chapter on Haig-Brown and his profound influence on British Columbia fly-fishing. Also included: Fly patterns for B.C.’s interior trout, steelhead, coastal trout, and saltwater salmon. One-hundred-twenty-eight flies are presented with individual fly plates, recipes, and in-depth text on the history of the fly and its originator.  Historical photos and documents, nine full-page fly plates, additional artistic fly photographs, and a Tommy Brayshaw painting add to the character of this interesting book.

Mention British Columbia fly-fishing and most people will quickly think "Roderick Haig-Brown." To learn more about this renowned fly-fisher, writer, and conservationist, along with the fish and flies of the ideal fishing destination British Columbia, read Fly Patterns of British Columbia: The Roderick Haig-Brown Centenary Edition.