From Field to Fly by Scott Seymour

From Field to Fly by Scott Seymour

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ISBN: 9781571882059

Author: Seymour, Scott J

Number Of Pages: 40

Details: If you enjoy the thrill of catching a fish on a fly of your own making, this book will take you one step further -- preparing the materials you use to create those flies! From Field To Fly was written for the fly tier looking for a resource to help prepare and preserve wild game suitable for the vise. Scott covers techniques for preparing: birds; upland game birds; waterfowl; small game; deer and other large game; and includes identifying feathers, tools and products you'll need, fly patterns, game laws, and more. Take that final step and harvest your own materials, From Field To Fly will show you how. That giant trout you catch will be all the more rewarding. From the Author If you are a fly tyer, you are painfully aware of the high cost of tying materials. This book provides an alternative to paying for expensive materials. It is a comprehensive guide on how to prepare wild game (birds, large and small game) for fly tying at very little cost. It encourages using materials typically discarded by hunters. The book also features over 40 successful patterns tied almost exclusively with wild game including deer, rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, turkey, ducks, etc. It is very satisfying to catch trout with a fly you tied using materials taken from a deer or pheasant harvested in previous fall hunts. This book is the first of its kind and is a resource that all fly fishers, tyers and hunters should add to their personal libraries without hesitation.

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