Hair-Hackle Tying Techniques & Fly Patterns by Gordon MacKenzie

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ISBN: 9781571882684

Author: MacKenzie, Gordon

Number Of Pages: 87

Details: Create durable, effective, and attractive flies with the information in Hair-Hackle Tying Methods. With clear, concise text and easy-to-understand, step-by-step illustrations, Mackenzie shows you how to easily incorporate hair hackles to create resilient, live-looking flies that will last longer, look alive and striking, and produce excellent angling. Hair hackles can be used in your trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, and saltwater fly patterns. You will be very pleased with the look of the finished flies and how the hair increases the breathability and lifelike movement in the water. These tying techniques are applicable to thousands of fly patterns!.

Gordon Mackenzie of Redcastle was born in Dufftown Scotland in 1935. As a young boy he fished the rivers and lochs of Perthshire. Taught by his father he fished mainly for brown trout. He started tying flies while living in South Africa in the 1950s and was soon supplying friends and shops with flies and bass bugs. Over the years he has been a consultant and director of several fly-tying firms in South Africa. He returned to England in 1992 and continued to develop his fly-tying techniques with innovative designs and patterns. He has developed the Macored Hairys as described in this book. In 1963 he inherited the ancient Scottish title of Laird & 16th Baron of Redcastle. He now lives in Syderstone, Norfolk with his wife Patricia.