Leaves from a Steelheader's Diary by John Alevras

Leaves from a Steelheader's Diary by John Alevras

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ISBN: 9781571884640

Author: John Alevras

Number Of Pages: 158


Details:  John's book faithfully documents the realities of fly-fishing for steelhead, the good days, the bad days, the joys of small personal victories, the sadness of failures, the irritation of rivers in spate, and the joys of being in the places where steelhead fly-fishing takes you.

"If you are addicted to steelhead fly-fishing, as am I, then, when you read this book you will feel much like a skid row derelict warming up to the whispered lies of cheap wine or an alcoholic turned loose in a distillery. Such is the charm of this book. ""In short this is a book that can be picked-up and put-down at will. However, if you are like me you will have difficulty putting it down."__Alec Jackson

About the Author John Alevras lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. He has persued Atlantic salmon in Canada, spent his youth fishing the Catskill trout streams, limestone creeks of the Cumberland Valley, and the great rivers of the northern Rockies. John now fishes more than seventh-five days a year in the Pacific Northwest - the pinnacle of the fly-fishing world for steelhead. John has authored many magazine articles and with retirement came the time to write about his almost thirty years fishing the Babine, Kispiox and other Skeena rivers.

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