Making Strip-Built Fly Rods from Various Woods on a Lathe by John Betts

Making Strip-Built Fly Rods from Various Woods on a Lathe by John Betts

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ISBN: 9781571884114

Author: John Betts


Number Of Pages: 178

Publisher: Frank Amato Publications

Release Date: 01-11-2007

Details: Product description Originally self-published as an elegant hand-drawn and hand-written journal, we are re-releasing this book in full color, while still retaining its unique style.

With ordinary skills and standard woodworking tools, Betts shows how you too can build durable strip-built fly rods from native and exotic hard and soft woods on a lathe. Review This is an extraordinary book a practical manual for hand-building wooden rods, a chronicle of problem-solving, a journal of one craftsman s inventiveness. is infused with the curiosity, learning, trial-and-error wisdom, enthusiasm, and wit of its maker. --Ted Leeson, Best Selling Fly Fishing Author Every page provides an entertaining and substantive surprise as Betts the fly-fisherman, historian, artist inquisitor, thinker and innovator is revealed. amazing piece of work, a fascinating and instructive pleasure to read. --Harry J Briscoe, Hexagraph Fly Rod Company It will make a great addition to any angler s library, but its greatest value will be realized in the workshop, gently guiding you through the construction process. --Jeff Wagner, Rod Maker Magazine

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