May The Rivers Never Sleep by Bill & John McMillan

May The Rivers Never Sleep by Bill & John McMillan

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ISBN: 9781571884800

Author: Bill McMillan

Brand: Brand: Frank Amato Publications

Edition: 1st Ed.


  • Number Of Pages: 152 Hardcover

Publisher: Frank Amato Publications

Release Date: 20-08-2012

Details: Product description Whether angler, naturalist, birder, or simply a person yearning to learn more about rivers, May the Rivers Never Sleepis a unique book that bridges observation, science, conservation, and the influence of family. As described by Bill and John McMillan, father and son, rivers are one of those places were revelations can occur and lives can be changed. Though initially drawn to rivers and salmon through angling,the family gradually transitioned to a deeper learning about the lives of rivers through snorkeling. Following in the footsteps of renowned Canadian author and conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown, the McMillan's river calendar is founded in a series of monthly essays, each of which are further described through photographs of rivers, animals, birds, and insects, including several stunning underwater images of the salmon's life as never seen before. The soulful writings and dramatic photography were shaped by thousands of hours angling, observing and snorkeling to document the diversity and patterns of river life above and below water. From winter steelhead to mayfly to water ouzel, their perspective is that rivers are only ever-wakeful because of the wild creatures within. As wild fish continue to diminish however, the lives of rivers remain unclear and consequently, so to does the future of the river calendar of the Pacific Northwest. This book is the McMillan's wake-up call to nurture at all costs the natural resilience of wild-fish populations and breadth of life they support so that rivers remain places of revelation for future anglers and scientists, as they have for the McMillan family. About the Author Bill McMillan has lived daily beside Washington and Oregon rivers for 40 years, with related published writings, photography, and conservation activism. He was one of the founders of Wild Fish Conservancy in 1989 and its board president for ten years. John McMillan has been a salmon ecologist for the Hoh Tribe, Wild Salmon Center, and most recently NOAA Fisheries in the monitoring of salmon recolonization related to dam removal on the Elwha River. He has specialized in underwater study of the life histories of salmon and trout with broadly published photography and science writings.

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