Pacific Northwest Weather: But My Barometer Says Fair! by George R Miller

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ISBN: 1571882359

Author: Miller, George R

Number Of Pages: 174

Publisher: Frank Amato Publications

Release Date: 01-08-2002

Details: Product description Well-known Oregon meteorologist George Miller explains the unexplainable--the weather of the Pacific Northwest. Miller does an excellent job of making a complicated subject easy for all to understand in this interesting book. The climate of the Pacific Northwest is as broad and varied as is found anywhere in the world-from dry eastern sections to cool and wet western regions. Pacific Northwest Weather explores the reasons for this, offering an in-depth look into those peculiarities specific to Pacific Northwest weather. Written and designed for the layperson, as well as a basic text in meteorology this book explains how weather occurs on a global scale down to the small-scale way in which your campfire smoke drifts. With interesting references to past storms, like the infamous Columbus Day storm, and weather patterns that cause heat waves and ice storms, this book has much to offer anyone interested in the weather. WHATS GREAT ABOUT THIS BOOK? * Author is one of the most respected meteorologists in Oregon. Many professionals rely on him for accurate weather information and answers to challenging questions * Only book available on this subject * Complicated subject is shared in an easy-to-understand and interesting manner * Hundreds of color illustrations, photographs, and charts * Numerous text boxes throughout share interesting historical stories * Accurate up-to-date information Review "If you love the Pacific Northwest, if you love the weather, then you will love George Miller's new book" -- Dave Sweeney, KOIN-TV Portland, Oregon , August 2002 "a must for anyone interested in the weather of the Pacific Northwest" -- James Little, Meteorologist State of Oregon, August 2002 "efficiently organized, full of good, sound information" -- Dr. Larry Hanson, Chair, Math & Science Department, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst Oregon, August 2002 About the Author George Miller has been wrestling with Pacific Northwest weather for over 40 years. He has investigated many unusual weather events, written several papers on these events and has also looked into historical storms that have affected the area.

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