Powerbait Tactics for Trout

Powerbait Tactics for Trout

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ISBN: 9781571885395

PowerBait Tactics for Trout is a clear and helpful guide on how to effectively fish PowerBait for trout. Whether they be Rainbows, Cutthroat or other trout, this technique is fished universally and no doubt is responsible for millions of trout caught. 

The details in your trout fishing rig can make a major difference in casting to the right area, getting bites - and landing fish. Everything from leader length to hook sizing, color choice and bottom structure...what changes to make when you're not finding fish. What to do capitalize on a bite when you do find fish.

Excellent book to get the hang of fishing PowerBait for trout. 

Mini Book 3 1/2 x 7

30 Pages.

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