Rotary Fly-Tying Techniques by Al Beatty

Rotary Fly-Tying Techniques by Al Beatty

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ISBN: 9781571884183

Author: Al Beatty

Learn how to tie 36 flies - for fresh saltwater species - with clear instructions step-by-step photos. 

Number Of Pages: 116

Publisher: Frank Amato Publications

Release Date: 17-03-2008

Details: Product description Whether they use one or not, most tiers do not understand the full potential of a rotary vise--including many of the leading fly tiers in the industry. Most tiers are still just using them to see the bottom of the flies they are tying, but their uses and advantages go far beyond this. Now with this book, the Beattys share their decades of experience and knowledge to unlock the mystery behind this type of vise and you won't believe what you have been missing. Rotary Fly-Tying Techniques main objectives are to explore a sampling of true rotary vises currently available on the market, guide tiers through the sometimes frustrating adjustments needed to use their rotary vise to the fullest, share tying tips and tricks for quickly tying effective flies, and tie 36 flies--for fresh and saltwater species--with clear instructions and step-by-step photography. There is no other book that explains everything you need to know about rotary vises and their many advantages, you will be amazed at how a rotary vise will improve your fly-tying. About the Author Al and Gretchen Beatty are best friends at the vise, on the water, and at the keyboard. Their combined experience with rotary vises spans more than four decades. As a little girl, Gretchen learned to tie rotary from her father William J. "Dub" Evans while he completed fly orders in the early 1950s. Al's journey down the rotary road started in the mid 80s as a way to improve his tying speed to more quickly meet his customers needs. After the two married they spent their first years learning from each other; this book is the result of that process.

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