Tube Flies Two: Evolution by Mark Mandell & Bob Kenly

Tube Flies Two: Evolution by Mark Mandell & Bob Kenly

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ISBN: 9781571884022


Since the release of his book, Tube Flies, with Les Johnson, changes in tube flies have been considerable—what hasn't changed is their artistry, durability, and effectiveness. Thanks to talented tiers around the world, the advances in materials, technique, and esthetics have been remarkable. New products abound, and it is not an exaggeration to say the new fly designs and tying techniques that co-evolved with all these new products have expanded the horizon of fly ting.  Tube flies have long been popular in Europe and Asia, you will be amazed at the advantages of using them on all fish species in all water types.
Tube Flies Two: Evolution includes 227 flies from 35 tiers in 14 countries, with each tier sharing tips and techniques for tying and fishing their flies.
Whether you are familiar with tube flies, or have no idea what they are, you will find this book indispensable.

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